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Enter a world of safe, secure and convenient buying, selling and transacting without suffering endless paperwork and delays. Convert your securities to electronic format with Lakshishree Demat Account.
It's as easy as opening a bank account.
A Depository is an entity that holds shares of investors in the form of electronic accounts in the same manner as a bank holds money for depositors. Depository system is a facility of holding and trading shares and securities in electronic mode through a depository.
As per the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI ) Directives, w.e.f. 02 Jan 2002 all trades of shares and securities will be settled only in Demat mode by all classes of investors. This implies that w.e.f. 02 Jan 2002, all investors will have to open a Demat account to trade in shares and securities. So now postal delays, mutilated certificates, lost certificates and counterfeit shares are a thing of the past.
The introduction of scripless holding and transaction of securities provides various benefits to investors viz.
bulate  You are protected against loss ,theft, forgery, mutilation etc.
bulate  You are protected against bad deliveries.
bulate  Your shares get transferred immediately.
bulate  You have shorter settlement cycles.
bulate  You do not have to pay any stamp duty.
bulate  You have minimum paper work.
bulate  You bear minimum costs.
bulate  You can also buy and sell just one share and not market lots.
What's more, Lakshishree provides you with online access to your Demat Account enabling you to check your holdings using the I-depository facility. Transactions you can conduct with a Demat Account.
Credit Transaction
In a Credit transaction, you can receive shares in your Demat Account. You could give a standing instruction for the receipt of shares in your demat account.
In a Debit transaction, shares are transferred from your account to the Demat Account of the receiver as per instructions on the personalised instruction book. The debit instruction needs to be signed by ALL Account holders.
Electronic Credit in Public Issue
You can receive allotment on public issues directly in your Demat Account, as provided by the Depository system.
Receive Non-Cash Corporate Benefits in Electronic Form
You can receive benefits like bonus, rights, etc. directly in your Demat Account as provided by the Depository system.
In line with our commitment of providing highly evolved products and prompt services, we are also providing SPEED-E facility for executing delivery instructions through the Internet. Already being availed by a large number of clients, this facility has eliminated the process of physical delivery instructions.
Lakshishree is a one-stop electronic age solution to your Capital Market Instruments.
Just open a depository account with any of the branches of Lakshishree and thereafter you may operate your account and receive / give delivery for all buy / sell transactions done, merely by giving instructions to Lakshishree

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