Tuesday, 5 September 2017

5 Best mutual funds women can invest their money in!!

The easiest and the best way to achieve one's financial goal are to make the investment in mutual funds wisely over a longer period of time. This will help to inbuilt the habit of dedicated savings but it also helps in generating higher returns on the amount thus saved. Today's modern women are strong and financially independent and strong who can make out their needs and plan for their future financial goals. To achieve one of the financial goals is to invest in the mutual fund over a longer period of time. This will make you generate the habit of dedicated savings which will ultimately give you the higher return.
Schemes where women can invest in-
·         Asset Allocation Funds- These funds are the amalgamation of 3 asset classes- equity, debt and cash equivalents. These are formed with a certain mix of asset classes unlike balanced funds where the ratio is defined approximately 60:40 ratio of equity and debt classes respectively.
·         Debt funds- this fund invest in pure debt investment and generally provide a return which depends on asset mix. People who do not want to take the high risk of the high market volatility can invest in such funds.
·         Sectoral Fund- If you want to invest money in certain sectors you can prefer different sector which is closely related to each other. At the certain point of time, some sectors grow immensely. Therefore, you should take advantage of the same at the particular point of time.
·         Thematic Funds- If we consider sector funds these funds provide a wide scope of diversification in making investments. In infra funds like  you can invest various oil corporation like GAIL, LNG, gas, steel etc

·         Flexi-cap funds- Flexi cap funds are not dependent upon the market capitalization of a company which makes the fund manager make the best use of opportunities which they are getting from the market volatility. 

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