Saturday, 9 June 2018

Back up to become unstoppable

Motivation stories come to fore in different forms. Some are real and others fictional. The aim is to induce motivation in a reader.
The story below is fictional but has a O’Henry novel type twist.
A business man had incurred a loss of ₹5 Crores and was sitting on a park bench not knowing what to do. An elderly couple were coming for a morning walk. While the lady decided to have an extra round of walk, the old man came and sat next to the business man. Old man asked WHAT WENT WRONG? Business man told he lost ₹5 Crores. Oldman (he was the wealthiest in the town) immediately pulled out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for ₹10 crores. He said put this in business and DO MEET ME IN THIS SAME PLACE AFTER A YEAR. The business man suddenly felt that he had developed wings and started walking towards his home.In his mind the old man’s words WHAT WENT WRONG was ringing continuously. He kept the cheque in the almirah and locked it. He went about asking WHAT WENT WRONG. Got the answers and started implementing the the right actions. The cheque in the almirah was the fall back option and he didn’t want to use it until there was a dire need. Within one year he had a big turn around and was delighted to go back with ₹10 crores cq to meet the old man in the park. He saw only the lady and asked her about the old man. The lady looked bewildered and asked ‘did he give you give any trouble?’ She continued saying that he would ask WHAT WENT WRONG? Then give people outdated cheques if they say that they have lost money. He has been insane in the last few years. The business man was dumbfounded.
Motivation came from the trigger WHAT WENT WRONG?
Financial Twist – When we have planned for a Financial Goal and started the monthly investment. One can be rest assured that this Financial goal will be achieved .
When one know there is a backup or the financial goal is taken care ,he become more proactive , accurate , Better decision maker and achieve better financial success than the normal person who is not contributing to the financial Goal and who don’t have a financial planner appointed .
So conclusion
1) appoint financial planner
2) Make Goal based financial plan and execute it asap
Start investing with a purpose . Ensure all your employees also have started investing with a goal in mind . When your mind is free your efficiency will shoot up . And when you employees have planned their goals and are saving for the same , as an employee you are more relaxed and your organisation’s performance will be unstoppable.

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