Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Gr8 Time To Invest- Its Now Or Never

Why This is a Gr8 Time To Enter The Market and or Add Up More to your portfolio.. Remember, Every Delay will Cost You and Can cost You Even Rs. 1 crore for Even A 1 Year Delay..:-
1. There are some gr8 mid and small cap funds which has gone down by over 40% but has the potential to bounce back due to robust quarter earnings... Opportunity to get these stocks and funds at discounted valuations...
2. China is down over 35%. As a result FII's are pulling out of China market and is focusing more on the Indian Economy.
3. The hike in interest rate by RBI has been absorbed by the market in a positive manner... A Check on Inflation would help the economy to grow.
4. The IT Industry in USA is reviving which is a very good news for the Indian IT companies. Apart from that there is a long list of US FDA pending which once through can add up gr8 value to the Pharma stocks...
5. The Indian GDP is expected to grow better then other Emerging Economies.
6. The "Consumption" Story of India is growing at a rapid space which will help the Economy to achieve a robust growth.
7. Inflation is well under control
8. The Implementation of GST and Bankruptcy code would help India in the long run.
Sectors To Avoid:-
Aviation/ Automobile/ Metals/Real Estate
Happy Investing.

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